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Welcome to the home page of the Convict Ship PROVIDENCE 1810-11 Sailing from Cobh, Ireland to Port Jackson, Australia.

Compiled by Don Wilson.

Providence.JPG: I am currently compiling a story relating to the 1810-11 voyage of the convict ship Providence from Cobh, Ireland to Port Jackson, Australia and would like to make contact with descendants of those convicts transported on this voyage.

On December 10th 1810 the Providence began moving out of Cobh, near Cork, bound for Port Jackson. She did not clear Cobh until the 19th and her first port of call was Falmouth, England, where she anchored until January 22nd 1811. Next port of call was Rio de Janeiro, where she anchored for three weeks departing on April 13th 1811. Although the Providence reached the entrance to Port Jackson on the morning of the 2nd July she was not warped into her final anchorage position until July 6th 1811.

Many of the convicts had been on board the Providence for nearly 10 months. There was a total of 185 male and female convicts placed on board the Providence while she was anchored at the Cove of Cork in Ireland. However not all of them made it to Port Jackson. Some were off loaded prior to sailing from Ireland, while others died enroute. One convict was recorded as being on the Providence but was never loaded.

I have compiled information, sparse as it may be with many of the convicts, on all convicts recorded as being on the Providence. Any additional information relating to any of the convicts, crew, guards or those who came free on the Providence would be appreciated.