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The Crew

Crew of the convict ship PROVIDENCE and their share of the voyages profits.

Source: TASMANIAN ARCHIVES, Record NS105/1/1

Articles of Agreement for the ship Providence made between Hugh Reid, London, on behalf of the other owners, and Captain Barclay, Master, on behalf of the officers, seamen and other persons on board.

There were 56 crew members in total on the Providence. All except 11 of the crew appeared to be either Spanish or Lascars and in some cases only their first names are recorded. Rightly or wrongly I have only recorded the 11 seamen with English sounding names. As the record is very faded it was impossible to record some of the names.

BARCLAY, Andrew, Captain, three eighths share.

HAMILTON, Unknown, Chief Officer, one eighth share.

JOHNSON, P, Second Officer, one sixteenth share.

No Third Officer.

BARCLAY, William, Fourth Officer, one sixteenth share.

HUGHES, Richard, Surgeon.

WICKELY, Thomas, Purser.

HALE, James, Midshipman.

HODGES, Joseph, Midshipman.

SHORT, Joseph, Steward.

BOLTON, Unknown, Carpenter.


The Surgeon, Purser, Boatswain, Gunner and Carpenter shared a one eighth share. While the Midshipmen, Shops Steward, Boatswains Mate, Ships cook, Gunners Mate, Carpenters Mate and the Cooper shared a one sixteenth share. It has been impossible to identify the ranks of all the crew.