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Soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the 73rd Regiment who acted as convict guards on the Providence. Extracted from the Ship's Log.

GEILS, Andrew, Major.

GREENSHIELDS, Andrew, Ensign.

MURPHY, Martin, Ensign.

CAMPBELL, John, Sergeant.

MOLOY, Patrick, Sergeant.

McCOY, Alexander, Corporal

BRADNOR, James, Private

BREWITT, Robert, Private.

BROWNE, P. H., Private.

CAMPELL, William, Private.

COLLINS, Patrick, Private, ran at Cobh on October 8th 1810.

CUNNINGHAM, James, Private.

DEAGANS, Cuthbert, Private.

DENHAM, Edward, Private.

FOX, William, Private.

HINNINGS, George, Private left at Cobh October 24th 1810, sick.

JARVIS, George, Private.

JARVIS, William, Private.

LEARY, Dennis, Private.

LEE, John, Private.

LEGGATT, John, Private, died at sea on June 6th 1811.

McKay, Daniel, Private.

McKAY, David, Private, came on board at Rio de Janeiro.

MOFFATT, Thomas, Private.

MOLOY, John, Private.

NOUDY, Benjamin, Private, ran at Cobh October 8th 1810. Spelling of surname is suspect.

PADONE, Edmund, Private.

PENILTON, William, Private.

PRICE, James, Private.

QUIN, Edward, Private, died in Cobh Hospital September 22nd 1810.

QUIRK, Timothy, Private.

ROBERTSON, Thomas, Private.

ROSS, John, Private, left ship sick on October 10th 1810.

SHEARON, James, Private, missing believed drowned October 28th 1810.

SHEEN, Patrick, Private.

SHELDON, John, Private.

SIVENS, William, Private.

SMITH, Samuel, Private, died at sea on January 28th 1811.

SMITH, Thomas, Private.

STARON, John, Private.

TALBOT, Robert, Private.

THORPE, Francis, Private.

TOWNSEND, William, Private.

WARTON, William, Private, died at sea on May 25th 1811.

WATTS, James, Private.

WILSON, John, Private.